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ForSEAdiscovery fellows have undertaken several scientific research actions, specialized workshops, seminars, outreach activities, presentations in conferences and courses, publications and local training, according with those specified in Annex 1 and in each fellow’s Career Development Plan (Please, see list of “Career Development Plans” attached in pdf format).
Moreover each fellow has accomplished objectives and tasks included in Annex 1 and their individual project developing literature reviews, collecting original sources: wood samples, historical documents in archives and archaeological evidence during their training in the nautical archaeology campaigns. Fellows have organized events and workshops, actively participated as co-organizers and project managers during archaeological campaigns and training and outreach activities. All these activities have been monitored and supervised during training exchanges visits, research stays and secondments.
The ForSEAdiscovery Consortium has named Prof. Dr. Ignacio García-González as Scientific Coordinator (SC), who is in charge of supervision and monitoring fellow’s scientific activities. The Principal Investigator (PI) of each individual project and the Training Coordinator (TC), Prof. Nigel Nayling, and the Scientific Coordinator have worked closely with ESRs and ERs in order to advise researchers during the project and help the fellows to acquire additional experimental and technical skills.
Fellows have actively participated in dissemination and outreach activities. The most outstanding is the “Nautical Archaeology Blog”.
A detailed list of activities by each fellow is shown below. 
Secondment made by the ForSEAdiscovery fellows (2014-2016).

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The ForSEAdiscovery project follows the spirit and the text of the  UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage especially in the matters detailed in its Annex

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