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Maria Bastião holds an undergraduate degree in History from the New University of Lisbon, Portugal (2009) and a Master degree in Modern History and History of the Discoveries from the same University (2013) with a thesis entitled Between the Island and the mainland: construction processes of the coast opposite the Island of Mozambique (c. 1763 - 1802), awarded with the II International Award of Research in History «Empire – Land & Territory» (2014). In this study are addressed the construction processes of the mainland of the Island of Mozambique – considered under multiple points of view, such as, judicial, political, economic, social – in a context of population growth, intensification of the slave trade, strengthening of the agricultural activity and, in general, of its affirmation as the capital of the Captaincy of Mozambique.
After her Master’s, Maria completed a one-year Inter-university Doctoral Programme in History: change and continuity in a global world (2014) and, previously, she worked as a scientific research fellow of the projects Lands Over Seas: Property Rights in the Early Modern Portuguese Empire, Lower nobility and "nobreza da terra" in the formation of the Empire: the atlantic archipels and Represent and Act. Mozambique and the Portuguese in the Old Regime.

Maria Bastião current research focuses on the settlement of slave traders in the Island of Mozambique from 1770 to 1830. Among other issues, it investigates who were these slave traders, in which ways did they interacted with local society, were them part of it or mainly “foreigners”,  in which circumstances did the Island of Mozambique became an important crossroad for slave trade. This research is part of the Marie Curie – ITN Project “Forest Resources for Iberian Empires: Ecology and Globalization in the Age of Discovery”.

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Name of fellow: Maria Bastião
Department: Department of History, Leiden University
Name of Supervisor: Cátia Antunes
Work Package 1 (WP1): Historical wood supply and dynamic trade networks

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